What started as two guys and an orange couch has grown into a team capable of tackling any challenge. Our understanding of where your audience is, and what connects with them, is the sort of critical insight that only comes from a unique convergence of experience. In our case, that collective is made up of a bunch of distinctive weirdos who also happen to be really good at what they do.

Zack Schneider


Rachel Spence

Creative Director

Kevin Rush

Managing Director

Brian Weinzler


Andy Brown

UI Designer and Developer

Cassie Chu

Junior Art Director

Brianna DeJoy


Kelsie Engert


Rich Herbeck

Associate Creative Director

Matt Lunghino

Senior Account Manager

Tim Martin

Art Director

Lilly McDonnell

Account Manager

Rob McGlenn

Senior Account Manager

Katie Muise

Account Manager

Brittany Subsara

Senior Account Manager

Mia Townsend

Senior Art Director

Dana Marciniak

Public Relations Consultant

Evan Brown

Media Director