After years leading and winning for agencies in New York and Buffalo, FIFTEEN founders Greg and Zack quit everything and started up their own. To this day, that founding spirit of entrepreneurship informs everything we do. The way we work, the clients we take on and the paths we grow down. Every day we're fostering relationships and searching for good ideas to diversify our business. From our humble homebase in Buffalo, NY, we work with clients whose business circles the globe. And we don't need to charge exorbitant rates in order to pay the rent for offices with views of Midtown or palm trees in the parking lot.

It starts… at the beginning. One of our founding partners, Zack Schneider, was born with only one hand. Two eyes, two ears, two nipples and all that, but no left hand. His entire life, he’s had to devise creative physical workarounds to the everyday feats the rest of us take for granted. It forged in Zack a uniquely resilient approach to problem solving, and an underdog’s conviction to do more with less — if only to prove he could.

This mentality became the bedrock of the agency Zack launched with his longtime friend and partner, Greg Neundorfer. They named it FIFTEEN (as between the two of them, they total 15 fingers). Zack’s idealistic resourcefulness was balanced by Greg’s grounded pragmatism and years of digital marketing leadership. They remained true to this strategy as the company found success and new appendages joined the team. This spectrum and talent and expertise is the creative convergence that produces results for our partners.

So why FIFTEEN? Because we think differently. We figure it out, no matter your challenges, innovating solutions that would never even occur to other agencies. By our powers combined, we find a way to get it done. It’s all we’ve ever known.