December 21, 2018

Symbol Status

Contributed by FIFTEEN

If you follow us here at FIFTEEN, you may have noticed this symbol plastered about. It’s on our site, our business cards, and dominates the windows of the conference room in our office.

But what on Todd’s green turf does it mean? Cue Jeopardy music…

Feeling puzzled? Well there you have it! The symbol is, in fact, a PUZZLE! It’s called a Complete K6 Graph, a mathematical riddle that first shows up in the 13th Century texts of Catalan logician Ramon Llull (who apparently had as much time on his hands as he does Ls in his name).

The graph has (get this) FIFTEEN solutions; 15 distinct combinations of three straight lines that connect all six points.

The puzzle is known as The Mystic Rose. Ooooh….

So why has FIFTEEN adopted The Mystic Rose as our symbolic steward? Well, we’re all about connections. Making connections. Connecting dots. Everything is connected and all that. The Rose represents the ways in which we connect our unique visions and talents to develop creative problem-solving campaigns for our clients—and connect passions to results.

Plus, you know, the 15 solutions.

Think you have the brain juice to dance with the likes of Ramon Llull? We’ve turned The Mystic Rose into a game! Click on dots, two at a time, to create lines between them, and see if you can crack the 15 unique ways to connect all six dots with three lines!

Have fun, and consider: What do you connect with?

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