December 20, 2018


Contributed by FIFTEEN

In 2014, FIFTEEN Designer Tim Martin hiked the entirety of the Appalachian Trail.

Georgia to Maine. 2185.3 miles. 119 days.


“I was not an experienced overnight hiker. I think that was helpful because I didn’t know what to expect.”
“I saw a NatGeo documentary about the Appalachian Trail. I went from not even really knowing about it to being all-in. Apparently, a bunch of Germans saw the same documentary. I met a lot of Germans along the way.”
“My best meal was at the Blue Blaze Cafe in Damascus, VA. They had an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet. On the menu, it said the record was 15 pancakes. I thought, ‘I’m pretty hungry,’ so I went for it. As I’m eating the 15th pancake, the waitress tells me the menu hasn’t been updated and the record is actually 18. So I told her to keep ‘em coming. This was also my worst meal."
“People have built some pretty elaborate privies along the trail. One was a castle, you climb up, shit like a king. But there were two holes, side by side, which I thought was a little odd. Like you could share with a friend.”
“My shoes fell apart in Pennsylvania. I got about 1000 miles out of them.”
“I have flashbacks. Specific moments. Landscapes. I’ll hear a song, and I’d heard it before the trip, but now it resonates in a new way. And I’ll be back there.”
“If I could go on another adventure and know I’d come out of it just fine, I’d like to hike the entire perimeter of the United States.”

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