June 21, 2019

Office Hacks Don't Just Make Life Easier...

Contributed by FIFTEEN

Sometimes they're essential.

We’re devoting the latest chapter on our Instagram account (@agency_15) to Office Hacks: little cheat codes that make our agency more productive and efficient.

Our favorite secrets have run the gamut from brilliant to banal: things like apps to wake you gently according to your body’s own sleep cycle, how to learn the name of any type of font you find online and even a surefire way to make sure your cream is perfectly mixed into your coffee—without using a spoon.

We made sure to cover a range of subjects to ensure office life runs smoothly because...well, we’re all busy. This is especially true in an agency where no two days are ever quite the same and you’re never 100 percent sure of what you’re walking into in the morning (one phone call has been known to change the whole course of a day).

At FIFTEEN, we’re not the largest agency in town, which is just fine with us. But being a mid-sized agency lucky enough to have some bigtime clients means we’ve learned to do more with less; to take those shortcuts and turn them into huge assets that ultimately benefit our clients.

Take, for example, our on-site photography studio. We can produce top quality photos and video, all without having to book other spaces or travel. Our kitchen, complete with a convection oven and ample natural light, is a huge timesaver for our food and restaurant clients, who love the fact we can prepare everything there and simply walk a few feet to the studio. And having photography, VFX and digital development departments all sitting in close proximity to one another is a huge timesaver when work needs to be completed quickly.

Being able to seamlessly switch gears, think on your feet and rise above a challenge is par for the course at FIFTEEN, but guess what: we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our team, powered by our passion for creativity and commitment to results, is always on the lookout for ways to work smarter and more efficiently. We know that in an industry constantly evolving, you have to be nimble and always ready to discover the newest, the best and the most. We owe that to our clients, and we owe it to ourselves. Because to resist change, to keep at a standstill, is to invite complacency—which for us is the death of creativity.

So in keeping with our mission to constantly seek ways to work smarter, faster and better, we hope you enjoy the office hacks we’re sharing this month, and maybe even learn a thing or two to help improve your work, life, or even work/life balance.

Do you have any office or agency hacks you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for our next Chapter 15 on Instagram...it combines two of our favorite things, art and the outdoors!

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