December 15, 2020

How To Amp Up Your Digital Marketing Toolkit

Contributed by FIFTEEN

The marketing landscape is changing. And it’s changing fast. Your go-to tactics may not be as effective as they used to be, and there’s a reason – digital and virtual engagement will need to be a substantial new focus area for marketers.

In the great big world of digital marketing tools, it may be overwhelming given the sheer number of resources available. However, if you can pinpoint different digital tools that make sense for your audience, it can help achieve your goals and inspire your audience to take those coveted next steps. When your content creates a cohesive, purposeful experience for your audience across all of your digital channels, your brand gains credibility, and your messaging isn’t confusing.

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Tool #1 – E-commerce
E-commerce sales will reach 14.4% of all U.S. retail spending this year and 19.2% by 2024. In light of this dramatic increase, we helped our client Upstate Farms tap into an emerging e-commerce platform to promote select products to their customers. That platform is Instacart. 55% of Americans used online grocery services in 2020, up from just 36% in 2018 and 15% in 2015 . Utilizing this type of paid digital advertising through Instacart was a new strategy for Upstate Farms, driven by the recent change in consumer purchasing habits. As a result, Upstate Farms was able to reach their target demographic and earned 3.5x in sales from what they invested in advertising dollars.

Tool #2 – Video
Videos convey messages in compelling ways that attract and keep viewers’ attention. And as it turns out, people are watching significantly more video than ever before. Videos don’t have to live only on your YouTube channel – they can be incorporated across your brand’s entire digital presence, including social media posts and your own website.

Bison Foods is synonymous with Buffalo, and the people who are proud to call it home. When Bison needed a creative way to feature the beloved brand, FIFTEEN created animated characters to personify their dip products in a fun, lighthearted way. And that’s when “Chip” was born – a crinkle cut potato chip that embodies the proud Buffalonian attitude and engages in animated, “for-fun” shenanigans that not only add entertainment value, but also promote the products in an engaging way. In fact, many experts predict that animated videos are expected to gain momentum in 2021.

Tool #3 – Targeted Email Campaign
A targeted email campaign provides a unique opportunity to share important updates and resources to educate, inform and present content that your audience can benefit from.

SCU Health System, a division of the Southern California University of Health Sciences, asked FIFTEEN to help with targeted email campaigns with need-to-know information for their audience, including regular updates on safety measures and treatment offerings that would directly impact them. SCU Health also used this digital marketing tool as a way to promote their virtual events, such as free yoga classes on Instagram Live and wellness seminars. These short, impactful emails have a clear call-to-action and relevant information that resonates with their audience. Since 90% of content marketers say email engagement is the top metric they track to measure content performance, SCU’s email campaigns are hitting the mark – the average opens/click through rates are higher than the Healthcare industry averages.

Just like a real toolbox, you’ll want to pick the right tools, for the right job at the right time. Digital marketing tools provide countless opportunities for your brand and audience to grow in the wonderful world of digital.

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