August 26, 2020

Good Fortune

Contributed by FIFTEEN

FIFTEEN prides itself on our media planning and buying game and we rely on Media Director, Jennifer K. Fortune to have our back.

Fortune is an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in media departments. She comes to FIFTEEN from Eric Mower + Associates, where she held the same title. A Buffalo native who attended Nardin, Allegheny College, and Buff State, Fortune has the longstanding relationships with regional players crucial for success in the media space.

“Having that network is key,” says Fortune. “You get to know the people, get to know their families. They’ll bring me opportunities, sometimes before anyone else. There’s no B.S. with pricing. We can get real with negotiations straight away. This helps the clients in the long run.”

As Media Director, Fortune must find the best channel for getting a product or service to the end user. This challenge has mutated in recent years as the landscape is continually fragmented by new media outlets. “The number of options has skyrocketed, but client budgets haven’t. That’s where research and qualitative analysis come in, to ensure you’re hitting your target. But there are also things you can’t measure, and that’s where client feedback and experience plays a major role.”

FIFTEEN put a high value on that experience, and is already working with Fortune to invest in new consumer insight data, which has national and international media implications. “It’s a serious investment that will pay big dividends for clients,” Fortune believes. Despite devoting much of her time to dividends, Fortune feels her position is a creative one, as well. “Media people have to be right-brained and left-brained. You do spend a lot of time negotiating prices, but there’s also a ton of planning and strategy, where you need to be creative to succeed.”

Fortune has quickly found her groove at FIFTEEN. “I love the energy, the drive. I admire the entrepreneurial approach of (FIFTEEN partners) Greg and Zack.” Fortune leapt at the chance to build an entire media department from the ground up, alongside the clients, in a way that will be most streamlined and beneficial for everyone. As the company continues to grow, Fortune looks forward to working on the operations side of the business, installing processes across departments which she knows works for larger agencies.

“Media has a language all its own, unique to this industry,” Fortune philosophizes. “I do planning as well as buying, and it’s important to be able to do both. You need to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of outlets before you can understand media holistically.” Fortune feels her department is central to FIFTEEN’s continuing evolution and ability to attract new clients. “These days, media works hand-in-hand with creative to sell the company,” she says. “I’m excited to show clients what we can do with media.”

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