February 7, 2023

Everyday AI

Contributed by FIFTEEN


All this talk of AI… you might feel removed from the conversation, yet there’s so much of it that you use unknowingly on a regular, even daily basis. AI is everywhere, from your Instagram feed to your next binge show selection, to your day to day work processes. And it’s only going to become more prevalent in our jobs, our play and our routines. Knowing the everyday AI that you already use might help you better understand how AI is working its way into so many aspects of our lives, and how it’s going to grow in the future.

    AI is working behind the scenes of your favorite social platforms to customize your feeds (and ads) based on your interests and preferences, to spot and remove fake news or offensive content, and to gather data to improve user experience.
    Email systems’ AI technology is filtering and sorting your emails (such as spam, promotional or non-urgent content). And the suggested replies? That’s AI!
    Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant… these know-it-alls are AI-powered to decode queries and deliver answers in a natural, conversational manner.
    Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, YouTube… the streaming services you use daily are always suggesting new shows, movies and music that sync so perfectly with your taste with the help of AI, which makes its best judgment based on your preferences.
    The navigation tools we’ve come to rely on for all of our travels – apps like Google Maps and Waze – use AI to enrich digital maps with real-time road features and determine the best possible routes to your destination, helping you get from A to B without traffic or road work concerns.
    Tools like Grammarly and Wordtune use advanced AI to check and correct spelling, punctuation, style and other writing mistakes – even plagiarism. Apple’s iOS software, Google’s Gboard keyboard and Samsung have predictive text functions that base suggestions on past conversations, browser searches and other sources to aid your writing.
    AI algorithms are driving many of today’s work and business processes, such as appointment scheduling, data migration, expense and budget management, loan approvals, supply chain automation and manufacturing automation.

This just scratches the surface of AI, and its increasing ubiquity. It’s hard for us to wrap our heads around the fact that it’s still only in its beginning stage – there is plenty more potential for AI to transform our society and the world. And now, you can spot it just a little easier!

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