August 28, 2019

Crossing The Brain Divide

Contributed by FIFTEEN

In ad agencies, the divide between account managers and creatives has persisted since the days of Mad Men. Stereotype or not, the skill set of account managers tends to align more with the left side of the brain — analytical, logical, rational — whereas the creative mind aligns more with the right side — intuitive, imaginative, emotional. These strengths have a direct correlation with how we work, how we communicate, and may even influence what we wear or what time we arrive in the morning! Many agency teams embrace their differences in order to work harmoniously, while for others, the chasm is deep, particularly when dominant personalities are at play.

Where we align is our shared desire to achieve our clients’ goals. To be successful, one discipline cannot exist without the other. They are of equal importance. That is the inspiration for #Chapter15 on our Instagram account.

FIFTEEN’s social media strives to be a reflection of each of us as individuals, as well as our team as a whole. To have a creative convergence where each voice and vision is represented, and to debunk the myth that creatives are the only creative people in an agency (yes, that includes you accounting types too!), we have paired up one creative with one “non-creative” to concept, write and design our Instagram feed over the next several months.

This social experiment has many end goals. To promote collaboration among staff who don’t often work together. To provide a fun interruption from the day-to-day grind. To foster an open environment where every idea is welcome. To recognize, appreciate and rely on others’ skills, which very likely differ from our own. And to ensure that our brand reflects who we really are.

We hope our Instagram inspires you to dream in color or drives you to track analytics...or maybe a little of both.

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