November 27, 2019

Celebrating The Act Of Giving Back

Contributed by FIFTEEN

The Season of Giving is upon us, and many view the National Day of Giving, or Giving Tuesday on December 3, as the kickoff for doing good and feeling good in your community and beyond.

For FIFTEEN’s latest Instagram Takeover next week, we’re using the day as a catalyst to visualize all kinds of acts of kindness. We asked the team to share what they do to give back to those in need, whether it’s tangible by supporting a specific cause, or something more decentralized, like sharing a smile and a thoughtful “how are you?” to someone who’s typically overlooked.

The posts will reflect answers as diverse as our crew, and the exercise itself was a way to internalize why we give to whom. Is it because of our interests? Is there some form of social injustice we want to see righted? Or are we chasing the high that comes from helping others?

Part of the beauty of giving is there’s no right or wrong answers, and there could be a combination of factors that motivate us. As an office, we’ve participated in Child & Family Service’s Adopt-A-Family program every holiday season, and it’s always a big hit. Not only do we get to relive our childhoods by checking out the toy aisles and holiday decorations, but there’s that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from literally making a family’s holiday, especially knowing they may not get anything else. We also sponsor many local nonprofits through our work, offering our expertise to help spread the word about the good works they’re doing. For us, using our skills and talents to help others is a win-win because it’s both fun and fulfilling.

Even though the National Day of Giving is a global movement, we would argue that the act of giving back can be done in microscopic ways, and the reverberations are endless. When’s the last time you’ve given a genuine handshake, let someone in your lane during the morning commute, or publicly recognized a coworker for a job well done? Chances are if you do it, not only will you be making a positive impact on their day, but you’ll feel good as well.

With studies showing volunteering and generosity can help with a myriad of physical and psychological ailments from high blood pressure to anxiety, we’re looking forward to showcasing our softer side on Instagram, and view it as an opportunity to explain why we find paying it forward meaningful. Hopefully, we can create a bridge for our followers to learn more, or inspire them to find their own ways to give back, no matter what size and shape they take.

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