April 20, 2021

Big News: FIFTEEN Accepted Into The 4A's

Contributed by FIFTEEN

Imagine an advertising agency that had access to countless proprietary resources to serve clients better, both through internal functionality and creative impact. Every agency would want it, right?

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our acceptance into the American Association of Advertising Agencies, or 4A’s. It’s an industry organization founded in 1917 to promote, advance and defend the interests of member agencies, employees and the overall advertising community.

The 4A’s only has around 600 member agencies across the country, but their influence is huge, directing more that 85% of the country’s advertising spend, and it’s an honor to be considered among its ranks.

As members, we have the 4A’s vast resources at our disposal, including research and thought leadership, benchmark data, training and development, and business intelligence and insight, just to name a few. We’re also able to network with other agencies across the U.S., and have a voice in setting our industry’s agenda.

The 4A’s cornerstones of advocacy, talent and impact are what we value as well. For over 10 years, FIFTEEN has strived to bring its clients unique experiences that foster audience engagement, interaction and activation. We believe the basis of advertising comes from the human experience, which is why we strive to create impactful connections that incite action, loyalty and growth. The 4A’s will help us further achieve that.

We can’t wait to fully utilize our membership and the unique opportunities the 4A’s affords us, and sharing these insights with our clients.

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