August 26, 2020

Ad? Apt + Able

Contributed by FIFTEEN


For an industry that’s typically among the top few mentioned in those taking a major financial hit right now, Advertising & Marketing is in many ways fairly pandemic-proof — at least in terms of our day-to-day work. We are lucky enough, and privileged enough, that the pivot to working from home has not negatively impacted our ability, capability, or productivity. We’ve been able to serve our clients unimpeded, without a drop in quality or missed deadlines.

Here are some of our examples of how our resilient services have fueled relevancy and recovery for our clients:

Video + Photography Production

The strategy for most verticals has shifted from the in-person to the virtual — maintaining and creating connections even when we’re apart. An increased consumption of on-demand digital content means that pretty pictures are more important than ever. So at FIFTEEN, we never stopped shooting. Unlike Hollywood productions, untenable with 50-100 people on set at any given time (hence the delay in your favorite show’s new season), we’ve been able to design slimmed-down shoots for safety and social distancing. That means skeleton crews, temperature checks, masks and gloves all day, and lunch breaks shared only at shouting distance.

For our global food manufacturing client Rich Products, this has resulted in a steady stream of fresh, relevant photo and video content for customers in dire need of new solutions for our new normal. We’ve utilized those assets over multiple platforms, including virtual trade shows, digital guidelines for operators transitioning to off-premise service, and best-practice templates enabling the creation of your own content at home. While their peers may be recycling old assets, Rich’s has been able to share timely new products and insights for an audience hungry for solutions — contributing to steady sales numbers compared to where they were pre-pandemic.

Animation + Post Production

Like magic, FIFTEEN’s animators can create something — anything — out of nothing, from product renderings to the fully-realized worlds of your dreams — all without leaving the comfort of home. Our client Howden, a global manufacturer of industrial equipment, has turned to FIFTEEN for a series of animated videos highlighting their technological leaps in customer service — remote monitoring, diagnosis, even repairs — which happen to resonate strongly during a chapter in our lives when we’re staying away from one another. Discovery, scripting, storyboarding, animation, voiceover — all of it accomplished without two people having to be in the same room.

Along the same lines, we found a way to create new visual content for one of our retail clients, Azuna, without ever having to leave our computer screens. Makers of an all-natural odor eliminator and air purifier, Azuna’s products are perfect for a time when we’re all spending more time and creating more smells at home. FIFTEEN was able to utilize existing footage and re-mix with photo-realistic renderings, new voiceover, and brief animations to create a collection of direct-to-consumer infomercials that will be seen on TV screens across the USA in September.


You’re focused on what’s right in front of you — putting out fires, new business models, and doing whatever it takes to stay afloat. While we’re in the thick of it with you, we are also focused on what’s next, and what’s coming further down the road. FIFTEEN keeps our thumb on the pulse and an eye on the future so that when you come up for air? We’re prepared with insight, advice, and concrete ideas for how you can succeed in the new normal.

History has shown that those who prioritize connecting with audiences now? Will emerge stronger than those who pull back. This is not a time to turtle. This is a time to innovate, captivate, and thrive. The examples above represent only a glimpse into how FIFTEEN is poised to ensure your message reaches the right audience — for right now, and for what’s next.

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