What Is It That You See?



  • 70% Stingray
  • 20% Seahorses
  • 7% Violin
  • 3% Other
Try Another

You are not alone. What you saw, other people saw. However, it’s not the only way to decode that image. Your emotional experiences, background, upbringing, job, all shape the way you’re seeing this. So we essentially need to see things from your eyes, and the eyes of everyone else we’re reaching. We ensure that all possible interpretations are communicated properly. Our work isn’t done until we have the complete and total view in focus. We use research, demographic statistics and analytics to help form this view, and we leverage numbers like these to help drive our creative strategy.

Look Around

FIFTEEN allows the experiences of others to inspire, drive and influence our decisions and strategies. Once we understand our own perceptions better, and remove them from the equation, we’re able to see things more clearly, and better understand the perceptions of our target audience. We use mechanisms like this inkblot test to relate to our audiences better.

See The Complete Picture

The most beautiful design goes for naught if it doesn’t make sense. When you digest an image, your brain immediately begins to generate definitions and attaches them to certain emotions or actions. We understand these transactions which is why everything we create, deliver and place makes a difference. We’ve gone down every avenue, tapped every well, built a calculated strategy and executed to the best of our ability. This means we never settle on the easy answer. We discover new ideas that go beyond the television spot, print piece or website, to take full advantage of our collective talents within our own walls.